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Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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Stereolithographic Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Components Using Nanoparticles Paste

Author(s): Soshu Kirihara

 ABSTRACT: Our aim was to develop two DNA sensors to detect Alzheimer’s or Diabetes disease using photonicity. The DNA sensors were based on constructed E. Coli or Saccharomyces cerviceae using synthetic biology by assembling genetic sequences and they were tested in terms of fluorescence expression units (FSU) when mixed with human blood plasma or saliva using a fluorescence detector. The intensity of the detection was enhanced by labeling the fluorescence targeted molecules in samples, and it was carried out through conjugation method using fluorescent dyes. The Raman intensity and shift of the scattered photon (at 785nm) energy of the Raman confirm the expression of the amyloid protein or glucose related protein for detection of Alzheimer’s or diabetes respectively. Also, the photon (at 633nm) scattered energy from the ZetaSizer determined the particle size of the denoted proteins in the sensor and

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