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Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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Study of Si-SiO2 nanocomposites using Raman spectroscopy/mapping

Author(s): Ekta Rani

In order to increase the capacity of hydrogen storage of the porous silicon and the specific surface area, we prepared different type of porous silicon: nanoporous and mesoporous silicon by using electrochemical anodization. After that, we investigated this layers by: SEM microscopy, SIMS spectrometry, contact angle, cyclic voltamme-try, electrochemical spectroscopy (EIS) and charge / discharge galvanostatic. The SIMS profiles at depth performed on PS layers before and after thehydrogen sorption show the increase of hydrogen concentration from 3.5x1020 atm / cm3 to6.8x1021 atm / cm3 which confirms the sorption and the storage of H + ions in the anode(PS). The measured discharge capacity is of the order of 477 mAh /g with a coulompicefficiency of the order of 94% for the nanoporous silicon which confirms that this material iscould be a promising candidate for the storage of hydrogen.

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