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Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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Synthesıs of magnetıc nanopartıcle/polybutadıen composıte and ıts magnetoreology

Author(s): Satilim Basan

In thisstudy, BaFe12O19 (bariumferrite), NiFe2O4 (nickelferrite) and SrFe12O19 (strontiumferrite) weresynthesized by sol-gel method, Fe3O4 (magnetite) wassynthesized by co-precipitated. Withthepolymeric main phase PBD (polybutadiene), magneticcompositefilmswereproduced in differentmasscompositions. Thesynthesizednanoparticleswerecharacterized by XRD (X-ray diffractometer), SEM (Scanningelectronmicroscopy) andZeta-Sizer. Zeta-Sizerand SEM analyzesshowedthatnanoparticleswereproducedsuccessfully, and XRD analysisshowedthatthenanoparticleswere in thedesiredstructure. Magnetizationmeasurements of nanoparticlesandcompositesweremade by using VSM (Vibratingsamplemagnetometer). Fe3O4and NiFe2O4showedsuperparamagnetic, BaFe12O19and SrFe12O19showedferromagneticproperties. Mössbaueranalysis of Fe3O4nanoparticleshowedsuperparamagneticproperties. As a result of analysis of magneticproperties of BaFe12O19/PBD, NiFe2O4/PBD, SrFe12O19/PBD and Fe3O4/PBD composites, Ms (saturationmagnetization) increasedwiththeincrease of% of themass of magneticnanoparticles. As a result, thesynthesis of magneticnanoparticlesandtheproduction of a newcompositematerialwasrealized.

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