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Current Research: Integrative Medicine

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The connection of blood grouping with eye blinking

Author(s): Muhammad Imran Qadir* and Muhammad Tanveer

The objective of present study was to correlate blood grouping with Eye Blinking. Total of 174 subjects participate in this study. The subjects were students in Baha Uddin Zakariya University Multan Pakistan. There are many types of blood group systems but the two most ones are ABO and Rh blood group system. The ABO blood grouping classification includes two antigens and two antibodies found in human clan. There are Antigens A and B and the antibodies are A and B. The materials for the test are Anti A, B and D sera, blood lancet, alcohol swabs, clean glass slides, mixing sticks and ice tray. Set the table with all the materials required. Rub alcohol wipe at the area where the blood sample will be taken. I consent subjects about their eye blinking. Some of them told that they don’t blink more and some said that they blink fast. Mostly tell that their eye blinking is normal while in some subjects this is above than normal. It was concluded from the present study that O+ blink more while A- and ABblink less.

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