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Journal of Kidney Treatment and Diagnosis

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The crystalline nephropathy syndrome

Author(s): Jeneth Aquino and Kim Annis*

A distinct type of kidney disease known as crystalline nephropathies is characterized by intrarenal crystal accumulation. Crystal precipitation and deposition within the tubular lumens are caused by the intrinsic properties of some molecules and ions in conjunction with an advantageous tubular fluid physiology. Through tubular blockage and both direct and indirect cytotoxicities, crystal deposition facilitates kidney damage. These crystals cause inflammation, which leads to more kidney damage. Clinically, the crystalline nephropathies are connected to tubulopathies, Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), chronic kidney disease, and abnormal urinalysis and urine sediment results (CKD). Examining the urine for sediment can sometimes assist clinicians recognize the likelihood of kidney damage caused by crystals. Clinicians screen patients for medication-related kidney damage, dysproteinemia-related malignancies, and specific hereditary illnesses when pathologists find crystals in the kidneys during a biopsy. The clinical and pathologic characteristics of these three types of crystalline nephropathies will be the main emphasis of this review.

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