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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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The nurses of the future: a gap analysis of education and practice changes

Author(s): Angelina Cloe*

The motivation behind the review was to portray the Connecticut Nursing Collaborative-Action Coalition's work in distinguishing and tending to holes between nursing schooling and practice because of the Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing report. Medical caretaker of the Future capabilities features the information, abilities, and perspectives/practices expected for proficient attendants. Coordinating these ideas into the instructive framework will set up the nursing labor force to react to current/future medical care needs and populace medical problems. Instruction and practice accomplices in four locales directed a whole examination of the training to rehearse progress for new alumni medical attendants utilizing as a system for evaluation. Holes in capabilities were comparable across districts. Be that as it may, every association exceptionally addressed curricular holes to best get ready attendants of things to come. Educational program enhancements will give understudies the benefit of being ready for the quick changes occurring in medical services.

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