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International Journal of Anatomical Variations

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The occurrence of a middle left colic artery in a 76-year-old white male cadaver

Author(s): Guinevere Granite*, Keiko Meshida, Shiloh Jones and Natalie May

A high degree of variation in origin, trajectory, and branching patterns characterizes the anatomy of mesenteric vascular structures. Detailed knowledge of normal and variant anatomy of the abdominal arterial supply serves to improve the outcome of oncologic, surgical, radiological interventions and reduces the likelihood of complications. Such familiarity is equally important for instructors teaching anatomy to students in the various medical disciplines. Case studies highlighting such vascular variations provide anatomical instructors and surgeons with accurate information on the types and prevalence of such alterations. This article highlights an abdominal vascular variation involving the middle colic artery. This vessel, known as the left middle colic artery, was found during anatomical dissection of a 76-year-old White Male cadaver.

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