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Journal of Materials Engineering and Applications

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The progress, challenges and future prospects of synthetic biology and biotechnology in Africa.

Author(s): Otim Geoffrey

 ABSTRACT: Synthetic biology which is a part of Biotechnology is broadly classified as the deliberate design of novel biological systems and organisms that draws on principles elucidated by biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers, in essence it is about redesigning life. The main aim of this work was to review the state of synthetic biology in Africa in contrast with the trends of both traditional and modern biotechnologies and to give highlights on the future novelty of biotechnology and synthetic biology. The research showed that synthetic biology in Africa has not yet fully come of age, and that plant biotechnology has been extensively adopted in the continent. The potentials which can be achieved with this technology are unimaginable and can bring about great progress in developing nations. Moreover, larger political initiatives and government policies needs to be instigated if the advantages of this technology are to 

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