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Journal of Child Psychology

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The Therapeutic use of Fairy Tales in the Parent-Child Relationship

Author(s): Antonia Nituleasa

This project explores some Romanian fairy tales and specifically the more commonly known, in the English-speaking world at least, fairy tale “Snow White.” The project, overall, investigates the use of fairy tales as a therapeutic tool in the parent-child interaction. It discusses ways that parents and children often misunderstand one another and how these folk tales can mediate and help progress this parent-child relationship in a healthy manner. The mother-daughter and father-daughter relationship will be looked at in closer detail in this project. If the parent-child interaction can be analyzed in a productive manner, then it can be used and understood to benefit in child development. The reader can use the situations in these tales to encourage that communication and find that mutual understanding is possible. This project also emphasizes the importance of these kinds of folk tales in the lives of people of any age. It shows experiments in which fairy tales were used to better understand the conflicts and problems young adults undergo. People of any age can use fairy tales to bring underlying thoughts and fears to the surface and then further analyze and respond to them emotionally in the appropriate manner.

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