Journal of Phlebology and Lymphology

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Volumetric alterations utilizing the RAGodoy® device to treat lymphedema of the lower extremities

Author(s): Karina da Silva Siqueira, Mariângela Grochoski Karan

Lymphedema is a specific type of edema due to failure of the lymphatic system associated with deficiency of proteolysis in the cell interstice resulting in an abnormal accumulation of proteins and macromolecules including hyaluronic acid. The aim of the current study was to evaluate the efficacy of a one‐hour session using the RAGodoy® electromechanical device to reduce the volume of lymphedematous lower extremities.This study involved 10 case reports of female patients with ages ranging from 20 to 60 years old and with clinical diagnosis of lymphedema of lower limbs. The participants were submitted to a one‐hour session of mechanical lymph drainage using the RAGodoy® device in order to evaluate the volumetric improvement of the limbs. There was a statistically significant volumetric reduction (p‐value < 0.0002) comparing the size of the extremities before and after treatment. Mechanical lymphatic drainage using the RAGodoy® apparatus is efficacious in reducing the size of lymphedematous limbs.