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Current Research: Integrative Medicine

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Welcome to the premiere issue of Current Research: Integrative Medicine

Author(s): Darwin Cai*

Welcome to the premiere issue of Current Research: Integrative Medicine (CRIM), a quarterly peer-review journal for physicians, researchers and diverse health care practitioners interested in broader approaches to clinical or basic research. Our goal is to provide an international platform to facilitate dialogue among international communities working in medical diagnosis, treatment, prevention, recovery and other areas with intersecting interests in integrative medical research. The Editorial Board welcomes the submission of commentaries, original articles, methods articles, systematic review articles, clinical practice articles, case studies and imaging studies. There are no word or page limits to submissions. All manuscripts submitted to CRIM will undergo a thorough, rapid peer-review process; authors will be notified of a decision within three weeks of submission. Moreover, CRIM will endeavour to be responsive to any queries during the review and publication process. Authors will also be pleased to learn that this Journal is open access and published under a Creative Commons License BY-NC 4.0, allowing for liberal sharing of material in any medium and adaptation (with appropriate attribution), remixing or transforming and building on the material. I take this opportunity to once again welcome you to the Journal, and to thank the Editorial Board and reviewers, and Pulsus Group for their dedicated work toward the launch of CRIM. We look forward to receiving your submissions and welcome your feedback.

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