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Journal of Modern and Applied Physics

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Weyl Scale factor as a global dynamic variable in physics to eliminate the infinites in Quantum Theory

Author(s): Qiubao Pan

In the Quantum Electrodynamics (QED), the perturbation propagators do not all have the same Weyl scale weight when integration is carried out over all momentum spaces. A dynamic scale factor is introduced to all dynamic variables in physics in this paper. The requirements for physics equations, including the Maxwell equations to be invariant under scale factor transformation is investigated. If a Planck type term with energy momentum dependence (not coordinate dependent) as scale factor is introduced to the propagator of QED, the renormalization theory is no longer needed. Instead of inventing different scheme of removing infinites, more experimental data collection is needed to determine the scale factors for different scenarios. The scale factor can also be introduced through replacing the momentum by a re-gauged momentum. Another approach of introducing the scale factor is to replace Fourier Transformation by Laplace Transformation in all quantum mechanics. The quantum gravity self-interaction terms shall no longer be infinite by choosing different scale factors.

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