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Journal of Pathobiology and Physiology

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Whey protein isolate could be used both for functional foods development and as an alternative material for flavor encapsulation

Author(s): Eudes L. ANIHOUV

Introduction: The rise of nutrition-related diseases these last decades, has led to various modifications changes in food consumption and nutritional habits. The consumer perception that the food we consume directly affects our health has increased the demand for food with oriented value (health promoting effect) added. However, these foods sometimes don’t match consumer acceptability due to many factors including some modifications in overall flavor by reducing aroma compound intensity or producing off-flavor components. In regard to the latest trend oriented towards the production of foods gathering both health-promoting effect and consumer’s acceptability, this paper aims at bringing up to view the possibility of developing value-added foods that promote consumer’s health benefits and enhance acceptability through the release of flavor at the desired place. Keywords: whey protein isolate, functional food, flavor, Encapsulation.


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