Department of Urology, St Joseph’s Health Care London, London, Ontario, Canada


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    Sexuality and erectile dysfunction: Results of a national survey
    Author(s): R Brewer Auld* and Gerald Brock

    BACKGROUND: Research into the sexual behaviour of men and women who experience sexual problems is lacking. In spite of much recent progress in the field of pharmacotherapeutics for erectile dysfunction (ED), there is little information on issues such as the importance of talking about sex between partners, and people’s satisfaction with their sex lives. There is also a perceived lack of communication between men, their partners and their physicians about erectile dysfunction. To obtain quantitative information, a large survey of the adult Canadian population was undertaken. METHODS: Telephone interviews were conducted with adults across Canada. Respondents were drawn at random using predictive dialer technology. Final data were weighted to represent the adult Canadian population according to the latest census data. The margin of error was ±1.7.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/1488-5069.1000034