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    A scoping evaluation of nursing interventions in the extubation procedure
    Author(s): Natasha Stewart*

    The requirement for intrusive mechanical ventilation is one of the main reasons why people end up in an intensive care unit. Mechanical ventilation can be used to supplement or replace natural breathing. Weaning is a crucial part of mechanical ventilation, accounting for around 40% of the total time. Extubation is necessary not only because it indicates that the patient's ventilatory autonomy is returning, but also because of the hazards that prolonged invasive mechanical ventilation poses. The requirement for scientific evidence for the extubation procedure prompted the creation of this research paper. To optimize this process, we want to learn more about the nursing care given to persons who are undergoing invasive mechanical ventilation in intensive care units. The titles, abstracts, and full text of the manuscript were used by two independent reviewers to determine eligibility.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37532/2632-251X.2022.6(2).42-44