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Center for Vein Restoration, Greenbelt, USA


  • Research Article   
    Incidence and distribution of lower extremity reflux
    Author(s): Nicholaas Scot, Karl Gunnar, Sanjiv Lakhan, Candace Pappas and Peter Scotti*

    Introduction: Women with pelvic venous insufficiency (PVI) often present with lower extremity symptoms and manifestations of chronic venous disorders (CVD). The purpose of this investigation was to determine the incidence of lower extremity CVD and the types and distribution of lower extremity veins involved in patients with a known diagnosis of PVI. Methods: Between January 2012 and December 2015 we retrospectively reviewed the charts of 227 women with PVI as well as their lower extremity (LE) venous duplex investigations. Presenting symptoms, CEAP class, initial rVCSS and the types of LE veins with reflux and their locations were noted. Patients were also subcategorized according to their primary pelvic disorder as follows: Entire cohort (PVI), Ovarian vein reflux (OVR), iliac vein stenosis (IVS) or both (OVR+IVS). Results: The study group consisted of 227 women (454.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.14303/1983-8905.1000059


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