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Chest and Lung Research

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Chest and Lung Research

The Journal of Chest and Lung Research aims to publish original research content based on pulmonary ailments in humans and animals and the recent advancements in the field. Effectively diagnosing, managing and treating pulmonary diseases has become an important necessity with the growing trends in pulmonary conditions in the recent times due to ever increasing pollution as well as other factors.

The journal aims at providing an insight into the recent developments in the field to the scientific community along with educating students/clinicians practicing pulmonary medicine across the globe.

The editorial board of the journal follows a rapid peer review process which is a mandate pre-publishing procedure to make sure the content is upto the standards. All the research content related to chest and lung related ailments etc. are welcome in the form of research articles, review articles, short communications, letter to editor, but not limited to the same. Author may submit their manuscript through an email attachment [email protected]

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