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General Surgery: Open Access

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General Surgery: Open Access

General Surgery: Open Access is the newest contribution of pulsus group towards the progress in medical science. The journal welcomes all types of research communications for open access window. The frequency of issue release is quarterly, and strictly supported by peer-review process. The primary aim of the journal is to make all the informations freely available irrespective of different socio-economic barriers, which further will help in the progress of medical science. Moreover, the journal intends to accumulate all the timely research information on medical surgery and its related studies for the effective contribution in the field of surgical methods and technologies.

 The journal ‘General Surgery: Open Access’ is dealing with a vast range of scopes and possibilities in the study of surgery and other operational deeds. The focus of the journal is specifically pointed on the major aspects of medical sciences, which are having crucial importance in the health and wellbeing of humankind. The keywords, that comes under the scope of the journal are- elective surgery, transplant surgery, angioplasty, exploratory surgery, non-invasive surgery, laparotomy, radio surgical procedure, hip surgery , plastic surgery, laser surgery, microsurgery, dental surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, rhinoplasty, and naive medicine. Undoubtedly, quality and standard are the major stands on which the journal emphasize most. The research articles of the journal are exceptionally high standard in terms of fact and ethical considerations. The journal put forwards the prime consideration of accuracy and authenticity before all nominal need of the journal.

Original contribution in terms of research, review, short-communication, case reports, are expected from the authors, who are engaged in medical or academic research. The articles selected for publication, must have to go through critical process of peer-review as per journal norms. A well-constructed editorial board is the higher most determining authority of the journal, which is formed by highly experienced subject experts in the field of surgery. Section editors and guest editors are also engaged there to maintain topic specific proper evaluation of research manuscripts. General Surgery: Open Access journal is heartening researchers to submit relevant research works within the scope of the journal. Author may submit their manuscripts at https://www.pulsus.com/submissions/general-surgery-open-access.html or send as an e-mail attachment to [email protected]


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