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Journal of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management

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Aims and scope

The journal of Aquaculture and fisheries management is an open access, independent journal that welcomes original, high quality research content of all the fields related to fisheries and aquaculture from reliable sources across the globe. The journal mainly strives to act as a forum for discussion on the current trends in aquaculture(production of all the aquatic organisms or edible or non-edible importance) and publishing research work that is most sought after in the field, that is of great importance to the research community.

The journal being Open Access, aims at reaching out to researchers/scientists/students in the respective field with on-going research readily accessible to them without any charge to the reader. Special importance is given to research content based on fisheries management/conservation, fish farming, aquatic ecosystem, hydrography, wild/ocean fisheries, etc. All types of write ups including but not limited to research articles, reviews, short communications, commentaries, letters to editor etc. are welcome. Authors sending in articles are emphasised to showcase the relevance of their work in the respective field. All the articles received for publication undergo a strict peer review process to meet the journal standards by reviewers of great knowledge in the aquaculture-fisheries management field.