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Journal of Clinical Biochemistry

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Journal of Clinical Biochemistry

Journal of Clinical Biochemistry

The Journal of Clinical Biochemistry is a peer reviewed, open access Journal, aimed at publishing the most comprehensive and reliable literature related to disease diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. Studies pertaining to the investigation of various commercial kits and assays for the diagnosis of various diseases are especially solicited.

The scope of the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry includes articles from the domains of Clinical biochemistry, either experimental or theoretical, particularly deal with the applications of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, and immunology to the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and prevention of human diseases.

Authors are welcome to publish their findings in a variety of formats such as: research articles, case series, reviews, guidelines, and techniques.

Author(s) can submit their manuscripts as an e-mail attachment at biochem@clinicalmedicaljournals.com


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