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Journal of Clinical Genetics and Genomics

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Journal of Clinical Genetics and Genomics

Journal of Clinical Genetics and Genomics is an open access publication aimed at understanding how genetic mutations in specific genes affect the phenotype, and how this information might be harnessed to develop new approaches to therapy. By means of the studies published, this journal aims to bridge the gap between the lab and the healthcare centers.

The Journal of Clinical Genetics and Genomics places special focus on the underlying cause of inherited diseases and genetic syndromes such as: Fragile-X Syndrome, Thalassemia, Huntington’s disease, Cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, Mitochiondrial Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, and Patau Syndrome. Special impetus is placed on studies dealing with molecular approaches in understanding the disease pathogenesis.The journal welcomes related studies on the gene therapy to develop fitting solutions for the effective management of the disease.

Studies involving genomic studies such as: genetic mapping by next generation sequencing techniques, RNA-Sequencing, ChIP-Sequencing, and microarray are highly solicited. Further, studies concerned with diagnostic techniques such as RAPD and RFLP for screening mutations or identifying polymorphisms are also solicited.The scope of the Journal of Clinical Genetics and Genomics also encompasses articles from the fields of neurogenetics, cancer genetics, medical genetics, biochemical genetics, population genetics, genetic epidemiology, and immunogenetics.

Authors are invited to publish their findings and opinions in a variety of formats such as: research articles, short communications, case reports, letters to the editor, reviews, guidelines, and techniques.

Author(s) can submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission and tracking system at https://www.pulsus.com/submissions/clinical-genetics-genomics.html or as an e-mail attachment at [email protected]

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