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Journal of Environmental Geology

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Journal of Environmental Geology is an International peer-review journal that accepts studies in all Environmental Geology and is part of a group of Pulsus journals.
  • Canadian owned and edited
  • Speedy publication timeline (available In-Press within 30 days of acceptance of publication)
  • Creative Common shared copyright with authors (CC BY-NC)
  • Available online open access AND in print both
  • Digital version sent to more than 6,000 qualified researchers of Geology around the world
  • Studies undergo comprehensive peer-review and, if accepted, are expertly edited

Submit manuscript at https://www.pulsus.com/submissions/environmental-geology.html 
Editorial Office - publisher@pulsus.com
Publication Charges: Authors are required to pay publication charge as the publication process of online journals is complicated and it include a number of steps from editing, proofreading, quality check, web maintenance, plagiarism check to much more and for all these steps the cost are covered by Article Processing charges/ publishing fee.

Particulars regarding payment of the Processing Fee are based on the type of the manuscripts presented below:-

Letter to Editor  $100
Opinion $150
Short Communication  $200
Mini Review  $300
Case Report $400
Review $400
Research $500






Google Scholar citation report
Citations : 103

Journal of Environmental Geology received 103 citations as per Google Scholar report