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Journal of Environmental Microbiology

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Journal of Environmental Microbiology

Journal of Environmental Microbiology is an open access, peer reviewed scholarly publication that provides an open platform to discuss the intricate interactions of the microbes with the environment and its possible impact on the life on the earth.   The journal acts as a bridge between the environmental researchers, scholars, and activists that propagate the valuable findings to the general public by dispersing the scientific advancements in this field. 


The scope of the journal encompasses a broad range of topics including, but not limited to Pollution microbiology, Population biology and clonal structure, Microbes and surfaces, Microbially-influenced global changes, Adhesion and biofouling, Microbial community genetics and evolutionary processes, Microbial Diversity, Host-Microbe Interaction, Aeromicrobiology, Soil microbiology , Element cycles and biogeochemical processes.


Apart from encouraging the researchers and scholars of the environmental microbiology, the journal invites practitioners and activists that work closely with communities at the grassroots.  The main focus of the journal thus remains promotion of sustainable environmental conservation and preservation practices by publishing the latest research on themes like  Eco-technology, Waste water treatment, Fresh water microbiology, Marine microbiology, Estuarine microbiology, Microbiology of extreme environment, and Biodegradation.


The journal invites original and unpublished manuscripts as research articles, reviews, case reports, Letter Communication, Letters and commentaries. Authors may submit manuscripts online at https://www.pulsus.com/submissions/environmental-microbiology.html or as an email attachment to [email protected]



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