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Journal of Food and Drug Research

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Aims and scope

The journal covers a broad spectrum of topics for study that discusses theoretical and conceptual aspects of neurology like food safety,pharmaceutical drugs,vaccine,animal foods & feed,adultrated food,Drug,Tobacco products, Applied Nutrition,Toxicological Research,Agriculture,Food Processing,Drug development,Drug allergy,Food Technology,Drug Resistance,Food Allergy,Food Poisoning,Drug Metabolism,Nutrition,Drug Research,Toxicity,food additives,dietary supplements,beverages,biotechnology drugs,Drug Efficacy,drug discovery,orphan drugs, generic drug,Drug Design are equally welcome. The journal solicits manuscripts that discuss Food Processing, Food Production and advanced Research in the Drug production that address the issues and challenges in this field.

Contributors are welcome to publish high quality clinical, and laboratory research as case series, reviews, guidelines, techniques, and practices.


Relevant Topics