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Journal of Immune Disorders & Therapy

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Journal of Immune Disorders & Therapy

Journal of Immune Disorders & Therapy is an open access, peer reviewed scholarly publication that provides an open platform for the worldwide dissemination of original and novel scientific research on the adept practical approaches related to immune disorders, therapy and management such as clinical practice, prevention, cure, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, therapy, complications, new treatments, and therapeutic burden.

The journal prioritizes the publication of manuscripts that can provide useful insights into the real time experiences and persisting lacunae in the principles, tools and techniques involved in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic aspects of the disorder, including Immunodeficiency, Allergies, Autoimmune Disorders, Primary immune deficiencies, Secondary immune deficiencies, Immunity, Immune System, Immune Disorder, Cell Mediated Immune Disorder, immune system boosters, Tumor Immunology.

The journal acts as a bridge between the medical community and the general population by dispersing scientific advancements in medical and clinical research on immune disorders and therapy. The journal thus welcomes manuscripts that highlight on the recent developments on Immune mechanisms and its evolution, including Cancer immunotherapy, Radioimmunotherapy, Allergen immunotherapy, Restorative immunotherapy, Suppressive immunotherapy, and Drug–immune system interactions.

The journal welcomes contributions from the academicians, scholars, practitioners, and clinical personnel with their personal perspectives in treating general as well as rarely occurring challenges. Manuscripts describing multiple facets of immunology research are solicited

Authors can submit manuscripts as an email attachment to [email protected]