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Chronic Heart Failure

Proteomics is a wide-ranging protein analysis. Proteins are essential components of living organisms, with many roles. The proteome is the complete set of proteins that an organism or system creates or modifies. Proteomics has allowed an growing number of proteins to be identified. PULSUS Journal objective is to group and characterize and calculate biological molecular body levels, including the molecular level (genomics: gene and function), protein level (proteomics: protein testing), transcript level (transcriptomics: analysis of all RNA molecules, including RNAs non-coding), and the meter. Genomics derived from targeted mutation tests (including complete exome sequencing and entire genome sequencing) and the epigenetic test will probably add new insights to our knowledge about FH in future years to the next generation sequences as well as polysensitivic risk / genome-wide association testing. The journal is indexed well with best indexing sites and with high impact factor. It also provides deeper knowledge to the researchers.

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