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Neuroscience & Psychology Journals

Neuroscience is abroad field in medicine that includes neuropathology, behavioural neuroscience, neurology,

linical neuroscience and neurosurgery. Neuroscience represents a highly interdisciplinary branch of medicine which involves the structural, physiological, and functional aspects of the nervous system including cognitive and behavioural attributes. The central nervous system is the most crucial component of the body for all the living organisms as it plays a central role in the functioning of the sense organs.

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Psychology is the extension of neuroscience which deals with the behaviour of the individuals, the associate environmental influences, psychological assessments as well as diagnosis and treatment of behavioural disorders. Despite the progress in clinical and the medical research, the functions of the brain and the diseases that may affect memory remain mysterious till date and it is attracting the attention of the scholarly research. Psychology and psychiatry as fields of study are significantly contributing in understanding the functions of the central nervous system and its clinical and medical functionalities and dis-functionalities.