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Journal of Nursing Research and Practice

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Methods of research in vivo research of therapeutical effect in hamsters with experimental myeloid tumor of Graffi (Toshkova, Drossinakis, 2018)

Joint Event on World Congress on Neonatology, Pediatric Nursing and Nursing & 8th World Congress on Immunology

March 11-12, 2019 London, UK

Christos Drossinakis

International Academy of Scientific Healing, Germany

ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Nursing Research and Practice

Abstract :

The research is co-written with Prof. RenetaToshkova, Ass. Prof. Elissaveta Zvetkova и Ass. Prof. Georgi Gluhchev In over 80 institutes and centers in Europe has been proved the strong bio-influence of Drossinakis via the application of the methods biophotons (Popp), thermo vision (Schlebusch), spectrum analysis of water (Antonov, Ignatov), color coronal spectral analysis (Ignatov), gas discharge visualization (Korotkov), synchronizing of brain electromagnetic waves (Li Gendinovich) etc. Drossinakis has achieved the following results according the norm – biophoton emission (Popp) (~900 biophotons 1cm2/ 1s), (norm ~85 photones, 1cm2/1s); increasing of the temperature after bio-influence (Schlebusch) (1.6-1.8°Ð¡) (norm 0.1°Ð¡); average energy of hydrogen bonds among water molecules according control sample (Antonov, Ignatov) (±8.2 meV) (±1.1 meV) etc. In the current study was followed the effect of influence with Infrared Thermal Field (ITF) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) of Christos Drossinakis over experimental myeloid tumor of Graffi, implanted in hamsters. The study was conducted by a team under the authority of Reneta Toshkova. The working hypothesis (concept) of Drossinakis for treatment of tumors includes several facts – redistribution of the energy in the ill and healthy zones of the body, change of ion balance at molecular level and improved interchange in the cell membranes. The author’s team of Reneta Toshkova, Ignat Ignatov, Elissaveta Zvetkova and Georgi Gluhchev together with Christos Drossinakis, has conducted experimental research in model systems.The achieved results of hamsters from experimental bio-influence of Christos Drossinakis reveal their biological efficiency and can be subject of future studies. Extending the life of the hamsters is an indicator of improving immune status. The results obtained with recent data in the medical scientific literature on the positive effect of the near infrared irradiation on the structure and function of erythrocyte membrane in normal and pathological conditions. The mitochondrial polarity in cancer cells was found to be lower than that of normal cells. Drossinakis is increasing the mitochondrial polarity.

Biography :

Christos Drossinakis was born in 1942 in the town of Chalkida on the Greek island of Evia.After successfully completing an electrical engineering degree, Professor Drossinakis went on to specialize in experimental healing and specifically the effect of electromagnetic waves on bio systems. Over 130 university-led scientific experiments conducted to date make him the world's most credible healer.The scientific directions of Prof. Christos Drossinakis, D.Sc. h.c. are – structure of water, high frequency color coronal discharge, biological effects in cancer cells, entropy and time in living matter, biophysical fields.Prof. Christos Drossinakis has scientific publications jointly with Prof. Ignat Ignatov, Prof. Anton Antonov, Prof. Marin Marinov, Prof. Konstantin Korotkov, Prof. Andrey Li Gendinovich, Ass. Prof. Georgi Gluhchev, Hugo Niggli, Prof. Reneta Toshkova, Ass. Prof. Oleg Mosin, etc.

E-mail: IAWG-Frankfurt@web.de

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