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Journal of Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience

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Nilpotent quantum mechanics, NQM, nature’s IT; How brain’s work occam's razorwise!

6th International Conference on Neuroscience and Neurological Disorders

November 04-05, 2019 | Prague, Czech Republic

Peter J Marcer

Royal Chartered British Computer Society, UK

ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Neurol Clin Neurosci

Abstract :

Feynman’s prescient ‘62 Caltech paper ‘There’s always room at the bottom’ inspired my ‘84-85 case (1) that ’the ultimate form of the laws of physics is set by the nature of the thermodynamics of computation, so that the universality and unity of physical law achieved, could & now does solve in the form of Nilpotent Quantum Mechanics NQM (2-5) not only the riddles of cosmology & elementary particle physics, but those of molecular biology and intelligence including machine intelligence. For conceived, defined & reformulated by Rowlands’ & Diaz 2002 crucial key discovery, the universal nilpotent computational rewrite system UNCRS language L defining NQM (4), has an extensive peer reviewed history of much prior & on-going independent & collaborative research often well tested by experiment. UNCRS provides a definition of Natural Intelligence, including but distinct from AI/machine intelligence, in terms of the computational principles by which a sentient being may make sense of a quantum universe (2)(3)(5)(6). One that results in a sentient physical architectural hierarchical evolution of intelligence, creativity and consciousness (7), Nature’s IT, of a neuron-brain/ glia-mind/microtubule-self by means of an autononmous self-governed cosmological thermodynamics of entirely novel states of matter, as in K.G.Wilson’s 1982 Nobel Prize renormalization group approach (8), entirely emergent from a totally degenerate state of ‘dark matter’ to provide a theory that treats the physical cosmos/universe at all times as single indivisble whole, all that exists ΓΆΒ?Β? its automorphisms.

Biography :

Peter Marcer has always worked in a highly innovative technological & managerial capacity at the cutting edge of computer systems development. In '82 with the advent of VLSI, he began a consulting career & the pursuit of some original ideas in regard to the thermodynamics of computation to how human brains might work. This has resulted in some 80+ often peer reviewed journal publications & continues today, via various serendipitous academic & scientific society collaborations including the EU '98-'99 Pathfinder Project on Quantum Computing resulting in 30 million euros for potential EU university qubit projects. In particular he is a founder & chair of the British Computer Society Cybernetic Machine Specialist Group, with its meetings programme of from '92-15 Saturday & International Symposia. And he is still active Fellow FBCS of the Royal Chartered British Society.

E-mail: [email protected]


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