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Journal of Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience

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Quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s disease assessed in a University Hospital in Bogotaa, Colombia

7th International Conference on Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders

November 11-12, 2019 | London, UK

Gonzalez Aura Virginia

Montreal Neurological Institute, Colombia

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Abstract :

Parkinson’s disease is the second most frequent neurodegenerative disease, and its incidence and prevalence increase with age. Although the treatment can improve patient’s symptoms and quality of life, this disease continues to generate progressive disability. Objective: To describe the performance of quality of life in the context of socio-demographic and clinical factors through MDS UPDRS, Hoehn and Yahr and PDQ-39, in patients with Parkinson’s disease treated at San JoseĢ Hospital, Bogotaa, Colombia. Patients and methods: Scales were administered to patients with a diagnosis of Parkin- son’s disease. Socio-demographic data and some important clinical variables were collected. Socio-demographic and clinical characteristics were correlated with PDQ 39; the Hoehn and Yahr Scale with the MDS UPDRS and the PDQ-39; and finally, the MDS UPDRS Scale with the PDQ-39. Results: The characteristics associated with the worst scores in the PDQ-39 Scale are the need for a caregiver, longer time of disease progression, and high scores in parts i and ii of the MDS UPDRS scale. Conclusions: There are socio-demographic and clinical factors that are involved in the deterioration of patients’ quality of life. Drug treatment must be adjusted in such a way that patient’s independence and the ability to carry out all the activities of daily life are taken into account, while continuing searching for non-motor symptoms for adequate management.

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