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Journal of Health Policy and Management

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The importance of public relations & publicity: How it derives positive results for you and your hospital


November 04-05, 2019 | Tokyo, Japan

Dato ’ Nur ‘ Aliyah Karen

Medicare Charitable Foundation, Malaysia

Keynote: Health Pol

Abstract :

When negative human behavior will actually strike; no one knows. Majority of those who walk through hospital doors are either ill or visiting a sick one. The mood and sentiments of those visiting and seeking treatments are far from cheerful.

At the most vulnerable moment, one would choose to complain and steer anger amongst the rest to have their voice heard. Why? Because they see themselves as the ‘helpless victims’, who have paid and are being treated but somehow did not get the answers or results they wanted.

Imagine complaints and negative feedback hurled against the hospital. Who is supposed to handle them? Complaints against Doctors? Nurses? On bills too high? About poor facilities? On delayed treatments resulting to death? wrong diagnosis? And the list goes on and on. It’s major catastrophe!
Hence, it’s vital to have a PR / Communications person / department who stands on behalf of the Board / Hospital and play the mediator, problem solver, calmer, role not just for the patients and their families but more often the media. Social media today will help kill you in seconds!

The role of PR & Communications is HUGE in a hospitality industry. They will help make or break the hospital. Continuous positive and active roles played via events and public involvements would garner positive publicity and good standing amongst its patients and clients, and entire stake holders while one bad publicity not attended to, would go down into the books and be the talk of the town for decades. The lack and loss of trust and confidence in the hospital or personnel would eventually affect the business.

Most hospitals today recognize and invest in PR and Communications as the role they can and will play is no less significant than the medical personnel themselves. In fact, good PR rolls in confidence and revenue for hospitals today.

Biography :

Aliyah is a MBA holder, majoring in Human Resources Management from Nottingham Trent UK, She is also a certified trainer and holds the Professional Higher Diploma in Train the Trainer from American TESOL. In 2016 she was Honoured Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) from International Royal Academy of The United Nations for her charitable efforts. She has over two decades of experience running the MAA Medicare Charitable Foundation which runs two charitable arms the Heart Charity Fund and the Kidney Charity Fund. Her positive and excellent PR and communication skills have helped raised millions for the charitable foundation, which continues to run 12 not for profit dialysis facilities and the first charitable cardiac diagnostic and treatment centre. She is a speaker sought after for PR/ Publicity and Communications in the Hospitality industry, while she focuses her training towards ‘Essential (Soft) Skills’, ‘SWOT’, PR and Communications, Fundraising and Capacity Building. She has put Medicare on the world map by winning various International awards and the Gold award two years running at the Hospital Management Asia for PR and Publicity.

E-mail: [email protected]

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