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Clinical Cardiology Journal

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The role of lymphatics on vascular health

International Conference on Heart Congress, Vascular Biology and Surgeon’s Meeting

December 04-05, 2017 Dallas, USA

Gerald M Lemole

Temple University, USA

Keynote: Clin Cardiol J

Abstract :

The lymphatic system plays an essential role in vascular homeostasis. Well-known is its essential place in balancing fluids and electrolytes, clearing large molecules and toxins from the interstitial space and involvement in immune system functions. However, emerging evidence is mounting regarding the lymphatic role in reverse cholesterol transport. Since first proposed 35 years ago, there has been increased scientific interest and documentation of the importance of lymphatic clearance in preventing arteriosclerosis. Lymphatic stasis plays a significant role in the formation of atheroma and increases the inflammatory process by preventing rapid removal of toxins and metabolic debris from the intima. The entire process is discussed, from the vulnerability of the endothelium, monocyte diapedesis, macrophage conversion to foam cell and HDL passage through the internal elastic membrane to the perivascular and intravascular lymphatics. Most importantly the beneficial effects that diet, exercise, stress modification and some herbs and lymphogogic supplements have on the clearance of oxidized cholesterol away from the intima, positively affecting vascular health.

Biography :

Gerald M Lemole was formerly Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Temple University School of Medicine (1969-1979), Deborah Heart and Lung Center (1972-1984) and Christiana Care Health System of Delaware (1986-2006). He has trained with Drs. Cooley and De Bakey in Houston and was on the team that performed the first successful cardiac transplant in America in 1968. He is presently a Professor of Surgery at Temple University and Thomas Jefferson Medical College. He is also Board-Certified in Integrative Medicine, he was appointed as the Medical Director of Christiana Care Health System’s Preventive Medicine and Rehabilitation Institute and Center for Integrative Health from 2007 to 2010. He has written over 150 scientific articles, book chapters and editorials for professional publication. He has been a Visiting Professor at many universities and cities including Dublin, London, Ankara, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and other cities around the world. He has written several books on Integrative Medicine, including most recently After Cancer Care, published by Rodale press, Facing Facial Pain for the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association, The Healing Diet published by William Morrow and An Integrative Approach to Cardiac Care for Medtronic and a second edition for St. Jude Medical.

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