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Current Research: Integrative Medicine

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Tune-Up: The power of sound to harmonize our physical and emotional health

5th International Meeting on Complementary and Alternative Medicine & Therapies

September 18-19, 2017 Charlotte, USA

Laurie McDonald

Sound Therapy Santa Fe, USA

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Abstract :

Tune-Up is an examination of the power of sound to create a state of health and well-being using non-invasive, deeply relaxing, and transformational tools and techniques. This presentation focuses on an innovative delivery system, called Acutonics, which provides painless access to the bodyâ�?�?s energy pathways, infusing the body with powerful, therapeutic vibrations that create profound and lasting results. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine practices developed over the past four millennia, sound is applied to acupuncture points and meridians with precision-calibrated tuning forks. Sound therapy blends both Eastern and Western medical modalities and incorporates traditions, philosophies, and practices from Indian Music Therapy, music theory, Jungian psychology, celestial mechanics, and archetypes from antiquity. â�?�?Tune-Upâ�? investigates a brief history of sound as a therapeutic experience, soundâ�?�?s vibrational effects on structures and substances, how Pythagorasâ�?�?s discoveries regarding musical intervals and the orbital relationships between the planets and the sun informs sound therapy, the healing properties of sound and intervals, the physical/emotional effects of sound on the human body, whatâ�?�?s happening in the skin and the brain during a sound therapy session, and sound therapy in practice. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the profound nature of sound and its physical and emotional effects, how sound therapy bridges both intuitive and scientific knowledge and ancient and modern healing traditions, and how sound therapy incorporates various modalities of sound to mitigate disorders common to all populations. Those particularly interested in integrative/complementary treatments for stress, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and pain should attend this talk.

Biography :

Laurie McDonald owns and operates Sound Therapy Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design; an MA from the University of Houston; a CNCMT from the Nada Centre for Music Therapy, New Delhi/Chennai, India, and is an honorary faculty member at the Centre. She is a certified Acutonics practitioner, a modality that introduces sound into the body with precision-calibrated tuning forks via acupuncture points and meridians. She is also a writer and Filmmaker. You may read more about sound therapy on www.soundtherapysantafe.com.

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