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Psychiatry and Mental Health Research

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Aim and Scope

Psychiatry and Mental Health Research is an open access journal that publishes ground-breaking research, case studies, and observational articles in the field of psychiatry. The magazine aims to about  how to effectively diagnose and treat patients with mental illness, as well as to identify and help people with mental illness recover. The scope of the Journal ‘Psychiatry and Mental Health’ referred to psychiatry and mental illness; anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, behavioural disorders, autism, schizophrenia, alzheimer’s, and post-traumatic stress Exciting obstacles. This journal allows readers to better understand the biological, socio-psychological and genetic factors of mental disorders and mental illnesses. Therefore, the "Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health" has valuable knowledge for people who are engaged in psychiatry, therapy, clinical social work, psychotherapy, forensic psychiatry, and countless other mental health professionals in understanding the impact and origins May be important in psychiatry.

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Psychiatry and Mental Health Research received 200 citations as per Google Scholar report


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