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The Neurosurgery Journal

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Aims and scope

NeurosurgeryThe literal meaning of Neurosurgery is the surgery of brain and spine. It generally focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the Central Nervous System of the body. This branch of neurolofy got advancement in last hundred years and since then growing collecting more new aspects and discoveries related to nervous system.

The Neurosurgery Journal is an open access journal deals with all the aspect of neurology; comprising the surgury, diagnosis, treatments, care, medication related to the nervous system of the body. It also focuses on the tools which are used for diagnosis of the diseases.

It is a broad spectrum topic which covers all the terminologies of neurology and surgery.

Some of the basis keywords of neurosurgery includes Parkinson's diseases, Traumatic Brain injuries, Psycho trauma, Aneurysm, Stroke, Dementia, etc.

Parkinson's Disease- Disease of nervous system identified by muscle rigidity, slow and imperfect movement. It is related to the degeneration of ganglia of the brain and neurotransmitter deficiency.

Traumatic Brain Injuries- Brain inury with broad spectrum of complex injuries caused by an external force, It mat also lead to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Psycho Trauma- It is aresult of several distressed event when one loses its ability to cope with the emotional stresses. However, its affect varies from individual to individual.

Aneurysm- term used to define the situation of excessive swelling of the artery wall causing balloon like bulge to appear which gradually increase in size and ruptures leading to bleeding.

Stroke- it is the brain attack happens when blood flow of an area of the brain is cut off lead to insufficient oxygen supply to the cells leading to death of the cells.



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