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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanomedicine

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A pathologist's view on nanotoxicology

Author(s): Shophia Collins*

Nanotechnology, a new technology encompassing the tiniest known manufactured items, has emerged as a result of advances in chemistry and engineering. These items are gaining traction in the market and look to be on the verge of revolutionising engineering, cosmetics, and medicine. Unfortunately, nanotoxicology, which studies the health impacts of nanoparticles, lags behind breakthroughs in nanotechnology. Over the last decade, research of first generation nanotechnology goods have complemented previous literature on ultrafine particles and respirable durable fibres Nanosizing appears to enhance the toxicity of numerous particles, according to these research. First, when particle size reduces, surface area rises, speeding up soluble particulate dissolution and exposing more of the reactive surface of durable yet reactive particulates. Second, nanosizing allows particles to get through cellular and intracellular barriers more easily. Third, nanosizing allows particulates to interact with subcellular structures, such as microtubules and DNA, and sometimes even hybridise with them. Finally, nanosizing certain particles enhance pathologic and physiologic responses such as inflammation, fibrosis, allergic reactions, genotoxicity, and carcinogenicity, as well as changing cardiovascular and lymphatic function. Understanding how the size and physiochemical features of nanoparticles impact bioactivity is critical for ensuring that nanotechnology's exciting new products are utilised safely. This article presents an overview of nanoparticulate pathology and toxicity

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