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A rare case of internal small intestinal strangulation

Author(s): Dmitry Victorovich Garbuzenko*, Dmitry Vladimirovich Belov and Nikolay Olegovich Arefyev

Although internal abdominal hernias cause acute intestinal obstruction in no more than 6% of cases, the lethality associated with them reaches 50% in case of untimely diagnosed strangulation and gangrene of the intestine. The rarest type of such hernias is a transomental hernia, which occurs in 1-4% of cases. The diagnosis is difficult when such hernias are strangulated; therefore, they require an emergency operation at the slightest suspicion. In this report, we describe a case of internal small intestinal strangulation in the abnormal transomental aperture, accompanied by clinical features of strangulation intestinal obstruction without any findings during an instrumental examination.

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