Journal of Environmental Geology

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A statistical-spatial modeling of soil erosion: case study of Al-Sen basin,Tartous, Syria

Author(s): Hazem Ghassan Abdo* and Rania Mohssen Hassan

Al-Sen watershed with a surface area of 98.8 km2 is forming an important vital spatial sector for Syrian Coast Basin in the western part of Syria. Soil loss in Al-Sen basin is one of the major growing eco-environmental risks that need to be assessed geographically. Statistical-Spatial evaluation of soil erosion risks is a useful and urgent step for creating soil erosion management plans along with spatial implementation. At present study, a quantitative assessment of soil erosion on grid basis is carried out using GIS and SPSS technologies. The outcomes illustrate that 43.01% of the study area affected by low erosion of soil, 29.05% moderate erosion, 16.33% high erosion, and 11.85% very high erosion, respectively. Moreover, the major factor accelerating soil loss in the study basin was LS factor of RUSLE (r2=0.74). This study, however, has also suggested two statistical models of the soil erosion case in an Al-Sen basin. The results of this study are very important for local decision-makers in establishing spatial conservation strategies.

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