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Journal of Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience

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A study on improving the consistency of the results of Ca125 in different immune detection systems by serum assignment

Author(s): Gangyi Liu, Meizhen Xie, Guosheng Su, Lihua Qin* and Qi Rong

Object: The study aims to understand the Ca125 in different immune detection system of mutual recognition of the results. And it is hoped to investigate the feasibility of improving the consistency of Ca125 results in different immune detection systems by serum calibration to provide experimental basis for the mutual recognition of the results of Ca125.

Methods: The Roche electrochemiluminescence assay of Ca125 mixed serum samples assignment was used as calibrator chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer Kemei chemical plate. It is composed to be the self-immune detection system with Kemei reagent and instrument. The consistency between the two detection systems before and after the assignment and the Roche electrochemiluminescence immunoassay system was compared with the reference EP9-A2.

Results: After the self-calibration assignment detection system and detection system of the reference correlation coefficient of r2=0.968, suggesting the good correlation between the two systems. The regression equation of Y2-X group was Y=1.029X-2.007, and relative bias E alpha =2.86% (allowable deviation EA<25%), which showed the system is consistent with the results of the reference detection system. display after the assignment detection system with results consistent with the reference detection system.

Conclusion: The difference between the results of Ca125 detection on the original detection system and the results of the reference detection system can be improved by the calibration of the serum value, as well as the consistency of Ca125 results in different immune detection systems.

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