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Journal of Pulmonology

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Antimycobacterial Immune Response Regulators: Cytokine Receptors

Author(s): Stanford Clerk*

Cytokine receptors are important regulators of the antimycobacterial immune response, as they help to initiate and coordinate immune cell recruitment and activation during infection. They identify and bind certain cytokines, and they play a role in generating intracellular signal transduction pathways that control a variety of biological activities such as cell proliferation, differentiation, metabolism, and growth. Defective signalling may contribute to greater vulnerability to mycobacteria due to abnormalities in cytokine receptor genes, allowing organisms to elude death and immune surveillance. The consequences of receptor gene abnormalities for the course of mycobacterial infection are discussed in this work, which provides an overview of cytokine receptors critical for innate and adaptive immune responses against mycobacteria contextualized needs for the cardiac patients in Namibia.

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