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Journal of Environmental Microbiology

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Bacteria of the genus proteus as sanitary indica ive microorganisms of water bodies

Author(s): Nazarov Jalolitdin Sulton Erkinovich*

The article provides information on the study of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora of water bodies in the Bukhara region, using the example of Samanid Lake, located in the western part of the city of Bukhara. During the summer reconnaissance survey of water samples from the above water reservoir, bacteria of the genus Proteus were found. Bacteria of this genus, in addition to other representatives of Enterobacteriaceae, can be fully recognized as sanitary indicative microorganisms associated with anthropogenic impact on the environment. The presence of these bacteria in water always indicates contamination of the object with decaying substrates and an extremely unfavorable sanitary condition. However, although the presence of Proteus spp. and indicated the contamination of this water body with organic substances, however, the absence of pathogenic enterobacteria in the Samanid Lake was proved.

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