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Journal of Environmental Geology

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Biostratigraphy and paleogeography of late campanian early maastrichtian (nkporo formation) sections in awgu, Southeastern Nigeria

Author(s): Ezike Onyemaobi R*, Ajaegwu Norbert E

Surface Late Cretaceous sediments of the Nkporo Shales of Anambra Basin have been studied for their foraminifera and palynomorphs contents in order to interpret depositional architecture associated with the formation using lithofacies parameters and hence date the shale samples of the formation. The Environments of depositions were interpreted through integration of lithology, textures, sedimentary structures and boundary contacts between one bed and another (facies parameters). The work encompasses both field and laboratory exercises. The field work involved detailed field mapping, outcrop logging and rock sample collection for laboratory utilization. The obtained shale samples were processed in the laboratory for palynological and micropaleontological analysis in order to determine the age and compartimerize the analyzed sections through age range chart and biozonations. The Owelli Sandstone was interpreted to be deposited in a tidally influenced estuary while Nkporo Shale was interpreted to be deposited in a Shore face zone environment. The results from both palynological and micropaleontological analysis of Nkporo Formation dated the analyzed sections Late Campanian to Early Maastrichtian.