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Journal of Environmental Geology

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Contamination of freshwater environments with microplastics

Author(s): Sophie Jones*

Due to its numerous advantages, plastic is one of the most widely produced and utilised materials on the planet. However, the widespread use of plastics and ineffective waste management has had detrimental consequences for ecosystems. Plastic deterioration in the environment produces microplastics, which are plastic particles with a diameter of less than 5 mm. Due to their widespread distribution in aquatic ecosystems and unknown potential eco toxicological effects, they are a global issue. Various researches have been carried out in order to assess the presence and effects of MPs in the marine environment. The presence of MPs in freshwater systems, on the other hand, is still understudied, making data retrieval problematic. The goal of this editorial is to address the most important features of MPs pollution sources in lakes and rivers, with a focus on freshwater sediments as a site of accumulation and habitat for benthic animals, which are important components of food webs and play a critical role in energy/contaminant transfer mechanisms, but are currently underappreciated.