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Journal of Pulmonology

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COPD comorbidities and systemic symptoms

Author(s): Henry Williams*

COPD is characterised by an abnormal/excessive inflammatory response of the lungs to respiratory contaminants, primarily cigarette smoke. Apart from the classic pulmonary pathology of COPD (i.e. chronic bronchitis and emphysema), many effects happening outside the lungs, the so-called systemic effects of COPD, have recently been reported. These impacts are clinically significant because they affect the disease’s categorization and therapy. The following systemic impacts of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are discussed in this : 1) systemic inflammation; 2) dietary problems and weight loss; 3) skeletal muscle failure; and 4) additional systemic consequences The potential causes and clinical implications for each of these are examined, as well as areas that require further research.

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