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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanomedicine

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Design and Development of Flexible UV Band-Pass Filter for Laser Applications

Author(s): GarimaKedawat*

Abstract:We introduce a novel strategy for the design and development of silver/polycarbonate (Ag/PC) nanocomposite flexible films having micron size thickness using modified solution cast−thermalevaporation method. Structural characterizations confirmed the good crystallinity with cubic phase of Ag nanoparticles in PC films. Further, micro-structural studies of nanocomposite films were alsoinvestigated by transmission electron microscopy, which confirmed that the metal fraction is in theform of fractals. Moreover, the plasmonic fluorescence mapping insures to the uniform distributionof Ag NPs throughout Ag/PC nanocomposite films. The unique narrow transmittance at 320 nm isobserved due to the absorption edge of PC and Ag metal fractals in the nanocomposite films.Finally, the obtained transmittance spectral features of this nanocomposite film provides its bestsuitability for the applications of band-pass filter at 320 nm UV range, which is commercially required for a HeCd laser.

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