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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanomedicine

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Environmental and energy applications of nanocomposites

Author(s): Emanuel Ungaro*

Carbon nanotube and graphene-attached composite materials have been touted as attractive candidates. Because of their remarkable structural dimensions and great mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical, and chemical properties, carbon nanocomposites have piqued interest in a variety of sectors, including biomedical applications. The significance of recent advances in carbon nanocomposite technology, as well as the discovery of new nanocomposite processing technologies, are discussed toorder to improve the functional impact of nanotube and graphene composites by providing proper synthesis methods and improving the production of diverse composites based on carbon nanomaterials. Aviation, batteries, the chemical industry, fuel cells, optics, power generation, space, solar hydrogen, sensors, and thermoelectric devices are just a few of the applications for carbon nanocomposites. This study delves into the latest design, production, properties, and uses of carbon nanocomposites like active carbon, carbon black, graphene, nanodiamonds, and carbon nanotubes. Vander Waals force interfacial compounds, unlike standard fibre composites, have a significant impact on the mechanical performance of carbon nanomaterial-based composites.

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