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Journal of Biomolecules and Biochemistry

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Every-Other Day Fasting Prevents Memory Impairments Induced by High fat- diet: Role of Oxidative Stress

Author(s): Rafat MM Al-Awad

Imbalance of diet consumption results in memory and learning deterioration. High-fat diet (HFD) causes neuronal damage and eventually cognitive impairment, which can be related to increasing oxidative stress in the brain. Using the every other day fasting (EODF) paradigm, as a method of dietary restriction is thought to provide protection of learning and memory in several experimental studies. In the current work, the preventive effect of EODF paradigm on memory impairment-induced by HFD was investigated. Adult male Wistar rats were fed with HFD using the EODF paradigm for six weeks. At the end of these six weeks, and while the previous treatment were continued, rats were examined for learning and memory (both the short-term and the long-term memory) using the radial arm water maze (RAWM). Oxidative stress in the brain, namely in the