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Psychiatry and Mental Health Research

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Holistic Approach is the only way to increase uptake of Family Planning services

Author(s): Navita Rahim

Holistic care is a comprehensive model of caring and proper guidance. Use of Family Planning (FP) services is still a question mark nowadays. One MWRA (Married women of reproductive age) in four (4) has an unmet need for contraception, which is the highest such rate in the region. Meeting unmet need for limiting can be accomplish by increasing the holistic approach, for family planning, three major components can be highlighted: Supply, the enabling environment and demand. Up take of Family planning services can be enhance, more successful and sustainable if multifaceted determinates included in interventions. Availability and quality of services and other supply-related issues is a major factor for not availing FP services. Improvement in family planning cannot be achieve without quality services. Quality is consider good when adequate infrastructure, supplies, and equipment are in place, and when well- trained, skilled, motivated, and supported staff are available.