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Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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Knowledge and awareness about mental health among adolescent: A comparative study of government and private school adolescent of Kalaburagi city

Author(s): Roopashree S Vadageri*

As World Health Organization defined adolescent as the period of human growth (2014), and development that occurs after childhood and before adulthood, from ages 10 to19 years. This is the stage where the adolescents will face difficulties in self-identity, role conflict, and confusions. In this age, they are more curios to learn new things. In this age, they are more curios to learn new things and try to get aware of things. For extent, adolescents are much aware of physical health problems and its treatment. Whereas when it’s come to mental illness, they are not aware of mental health concerns and its treatment. Along with individual physical health issues, they face common mental health problems like depression, anxiety, mood disturbance, substance use and suicide. For dealing with such kind of issues they need knowledge and they should aware about the mental health and where to approach. Even though national and state level programs are making effort to deliver the information in the schools and community and trying make aware about the mental health issues. But are those important basic information related mental health is reaching to the adolescent? If yes, then what extent they are aware? This made researcher curious, for understanding the present knowledge and awareness about mental researcher took this initiative and conducting this study in Kalaburagi city. Objective of the study is to study socio-demographic profile of the respondents, to understand the knowledge and awareness level about mental health among adolescents. Even though both groups are from similar age and belongs to same geographical area but differs in socio-economic profile. Current study helps in understanding weather this difference of the socio-demographic conditions will influence in acquiring the information about mental health.


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