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Journal of Environmental Microbiology

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Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Thirty-third Village Citizens toward Asbestos

Author(s): Salih Boushra1, Rogaia Hassab alrasol1, Ali Elzain1, Tagwa Omer1,

 : Asbestos fbers are present in the natural environment due to erosion of surface deposits. asbestos can lead to many diseases like: asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma of pleura or peritoneum, and can cause groups of other cancers including: laryngeal cancer, gastro-intestinal tract and kidney cancer. Our goal was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of Thirty-third Village citizen in Halfa Aljadida toward asbestos. Methods: We used a Cross-sectional descriptive study design. A questionnaire, interviewer– administered, which included 18 items were employed on a convenient sample consisting of 384 participants from Thirty-third village citizens in Halfa Aljadida. Results: A Vast majority of the participants 286 (74.22%) knows asbestos and it’s usage in their village such as building, water supply and its hazards and 98 (25.78%) don’t know it. About 78.9 of participants exposed to asbestos, (48.7%) were exposed at home , exposure was from house roofs 142 (36.98%), water pipes 3 (0.78%) and from both sources 144 (37.50%), 2 (0.5%) exposed at work , and 81 (21.1%) were not exposed to it. About 279 (72.7%) Exposed to asbestos for more than one year, 7 (1.8%) for more than one month and 3 (0.8%) for more than one day. About 378 (97.66%) of participants don’t use any safety equipment regarding their exposure and only 9 (2.24%) use safety equipment like gloves1 (0.3%) and masks 5 (1.3%). Conclusion: Asbestos is widely use in Thirty-third village in Halfa Aljadida and more efort should be done to eliminate asbestos containing houses and water supplies.